Workshop 4

Connecting Diverse Talent with Opportunities Using Micro-Internships

Oct. 26 | 1:00 – 2:30 p.m.

Presented By

Dr. Leigh Anne Taylor Knight, Kristin Schrader, Goldie Gildehaus, and Daylon Miller

Session Descripton

In this panel conversation, learn about unique partnerships connecting diverse students to businesses and networks that will expand career pathways via paid, professional projects. Each program provides an accessible opportunity for students of differing backgrounds and abilities while also increasing student placement rates and driving economic development.

Dr. Leigh Anne Taylor Knight

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DeBruce Foundation

Kristin Schrader

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Parker Dewey

Goldie Gildehaus

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The headshot of Davlon Miller. He is a smiling black man in a suit with a blue and pink plaid tie. He is smiling and has a little bit of facial hair.

Davlon Miller

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