Workshop 2

Institutional Infrastructure and Its Impact on the Student Experience Through an Intersectional Lens

Oct. 26 | 9:00 – 10:30 a.m.

Presented By

Brian Lutchmiah, Piers Wilkinson, Alex Bacon

Session Description

Committed to raising the profile of Social Justice in Higher Education in the UK and internationally, Diversity and Ability (D&A) will present this session in three distinct parts, with focus on ensuring equity of opportunity and access to education for all, achieving sustainable participation across learning pathways in Higher Education, and inclusive of Student Services offer.

Part 1: Setting the tone of Inclusive Culture

Sharing experience and insight into the responsibilities and behaviors needed to ensure

effective and supportive leadership that fosters an inclusive culture from within, Brian

Lutchmiah, Piers Wilkinson and Alex Bacon will compare and contrast practice across the

UK and US to explore a framework for creating anticipatory spaces that celebrate difference

through an intersectional lens, inclusive of race and disability and LGBTQIA+ communities.

Part 2: Embracing Inclusivity in Service Design and Delivery

Using examples from D&A’s UK work creating inclusive campus environments, Brian

Lutchmiah will share how providers’ systems, practices and community access can span

physical, virtual and academic spaces anticipatorily. He will outline the core principles

needed to ensure services that are high-quality, driven by students’ lived experience and

engagement, and in meeting the needs of diverse student communities with agility, creativity

and compassion.

Part 3: Working with the Student Community

Drawing on their authentic expertise of the student experience, Piers Wilkinson and Alex

Bacon will explore the importance of the student voice in inclusive design. They will unpack

how to foster meaningful consultation and utilize it to design an inclusive culture across

campuses, and how long-lasting narrative shifts and attitudes to social mobility and inclusion

across teaching and learning can be achieved using lived experiences to influence

development and in doing so, authentically reflecting the diversity of student need.

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