Connecting Audiences with Education, Apprenticeships, & Careers

OCTOBER 27, 2021 | 9:50-10:20

Presented By:

Francine Pratt and Tim Dobyns

Session Description:

We are living in one of our nation’s most unique and transformational periods. It is a time when Connecting with Audiences with Education, Apprenticeship & Career opportunities has never been more important.

The March 2021 NSCRS High School Benchmarks report covering approximately 860,000 graduates from nearly 3,500 high schools indicates that immediate fall enrolment rates DROPPED 4.5X the pre-pandemic rate of decline (-6.8% vs. -1.5%). Even more concerning was the disparity between students of high poverty/low-Income schools. Immediate enrolment for Students in High Poverty Schools DROPPED over 6X that of pre-pandemic declines (-11.4% vs -1.6%) while DROPPING 13.3X pre-pandemic declines (10.7% vs -0.8%).

To help our partners address these dramatic declines and disparities, MOCAN ( partnered with WHYSDOM (, a need-based behavior and data science company with a comprehensive history in outreach marketing for organizations ranging from Fortune 500 brands to non-profits to local and state communities. Their tools and technologies help identify, locate, and connect with audiences and understand the “whys” of audience behavior in real-time.

Together, MOCAN & WHYSDOM developed a detailed Focused Intelligence resource specifically for MOCAN’s Education and Career professionals. This unique resource is designed to drive highly engaging and relevant communication and activation strategies for Behavior-Based Outreach campaigns and programs. This research’s areas of emphasis include urban and rural audiences of low income, high poverty, and low educational attainment levels.


Francine Pratt

Executive Director, MoCAN

Managing Partner, Moventra LLC