It’s All About Affordability: Lessons Learned from the Degrees with Less Debt Research

OCTOBER 26, 2021 | 10:30-11:00

Presented By:

Trent Ball, Melissa Findley, Laura Winter

Session Description:

Strategies to make college more affordable are the most impactful retention tool institutions have for supporting low-income students and Black students. This session will highlight how institutions can increase student retention and degree completion through affordability strategies identified in the St. Louis Graduates’ Degrees with Less Debt research: need-based financial aid; a multifaceted approach to student debt reduction; transparency and streamlining in the application process; and a high-touch approach to financial aid planning and financial literacy. Panelists will share how partners in the Postsecondary Equity Network are advancing these strategies to support students.

Video & Transcript:

Trent Ball

Assistant Vice President for Academic Diversity and Outreach

Southeast Missouri State University

Melissa Findley

Executive Director

Missouri Scholarship & Loan Foundation

Laura Winter

Executive Director

St. Louis Graduates