Developing a Transition to College Program for Rural Students

OCTOBER 26, 2021 | 9:50-10:20

Presented By:

Matt Newlin

Session Description:

Rural students attend college at rates far lower than their non-rural peers. Myriad factors influence rural students’ decisions whether and where to attend college, but many are often deterred due to inadequate support, resources, and guidance during the summer before college. This critical time in the college journey of a rural student must be a priority for both high schools and higher education institutions, but few are aware of the unique challenges rural students face. 

 This presentation will draw on research and real-world examples of building transition to college programs specifically designed for rural students. Utilizing practical experiences and lessons learned from establishing programs in Missouri, Washington, and Idaho, the presenter will provide attendees useful tools and resources to begin building a summer transition program for the rural students they serve. Attendees will engage in self-reflection exercises to assess their current institutional or organizational practices for preparing rural students for college. Attendees will also learn about the most consequential challenges rural students encounter on their path to college.

Video & Transcript:

Matt Newlin

Independent Consultant